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This is how real cowboys sleep –
wild and romantic bedding

Create your bedroom like that of a ranch
in the Wild West!

A touch of wildness, romance and casual charm will reflect the Texas life style. Bed linens in earthy shades of rust, red and burnt orange can be combined with various wooden accessories. Old planks on the wall or wooden shelves might add that rustic charm as well.

Cuddly throw cushions, airy-light duvets and a lambskin rug on the floor will not only create the western atmosphere but help you to have a relaxing sleep dreaming of endless prairie.

Texas Country Style –
Discover your inner cowboy!




Bring the Wild West
into your home!


Whether using some fleecy-soft home textiles or adding cheeky decoration objects, there are easy ways to turn your home into a Texas country house exuding a touch of wildness and freedom of the old Wild West.




Texas Country Style –
A spirit of Winnetou and Old Shatterhand

Give your home a whole new look by turning it into a stage for Winnetou and Old Shatterhand.

A small decoration cactus figurine or a hanging feather decoration will exude a spirit of American Indians and cowboys. Use small tea light holders to create a romantic evening.

Tell a magical and mystical story of the Wild West. With a matching fragrance diffuser, you can simply close your eyes and dive in to the world of Texas country dreams full of freedom and adventure.

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Tea Time Goes
Wild West 

The warm sunrays invite you to the outdoor. Why not getting your garden table ready?
A table decoration in the Wild West style can be realized in your garden as well.

Jazz up your table by covering it with a tablecloth featuring a cheeky cactus and have a cup of freshly brewed coffee and a piece of delicious cake and simply enjoy the sunshine!


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Treat yourself to a touch of luxury! –
cuddly-soft towels

A hard-working cowboy deserves a real break

After a hot bath to relax your body, wrap up yourself in a wonderfully soft towel!

Towels with typical Indian patterns in vibrant colours will round up to give you a feeling of
a small spa in the prairie.

A soap dispenser and towels in earthy shades and other small accessories will help you create your own personal well-being oasis in the trendy Texas country style.

Dine in the Texas Country Style

Get together with friends and family for a barbecue with potatoes and juicy salad!

Discover various ways of decorating your table to create a casual Texas country style.

Combine elegant wine glasses and crockery with rustic wooden boards of rustic charm and a simple tablecloth and add a matching table runner to finish the harmonious look.

Putting a lambskin rug or other seat pads on a chair or bench will add coziness and comfort.Use an old horseshoe for wall decoration or hang a cowboy hat over a chair to create an authentic atmosphere of the Wild West.

Taste the Wild West! –
Kitchen utensils for successful cooking

Now having created a perfect table decoration in a Wild West style, it’s time to have a matching meal.
So that you can create delicious Texas dishes, we have selected the right cooking utensils for you.

Dish cloths, oven gloves and pot holders have to be practical but they can be also a great accessories if
they feature motifs which remind of the Wild West.

Roast like a pro

A cast iron pan is particularly popular to cook your steak in perfection. 

Spice up

With a spice bar you can taste your dishes to your heart's content and enjoy
your homemade culinary delights.