Why mattress covers?

The sleep comfort is increased. The blood circulation of the skin declines during the rest phase causing the temperature lost. At the same time, the skin transpires and the mattress cannot absorb the moisture. This makes you feel cold during your sleep. A mattress topper can provide you optimum moisture and temperature balance:

  • reaching optimum temperature to fall asleep
  • soft and cosy feel without losing the supporting effect of the mattress
  • temperature-balancing even in warm seasons

Some mattress covers also provide more advantage. Find your own mattress protector for your individual need!

Do you want to protect your mattress from dirt and moisture? Waterproof mattress protectors would be the solution.

A protector between mattress and your slat base can increase the durability of your mattress.

Washable and some boil-proof mattress protectors provide excellent bed hygiene.

Your mattress guide, Claudia Weber