Time for pumpkins, candles and cosiness



The first autumn leaves are falling down to turn the ground to a colourful carpet of gold,
yellow and red.


Say hello to autumn with decorative elements at your home. In this way, you say good-bye to summer and welcome the season for cosiness. You will find all kinds of things to create a cosy
and comfortable autumn atmosphere for your home.

Golden autumn in your kitchen!


Golden dreams with cuddly bed linen


The golden autumn not only brings colourful falling leaves but also cold, unpleasant winds.



The best remedy against this would be to cuddle up against warm and cosy bedding at home! Get inspired by some autumn leaves and beautiful autumn colours to make your bedroom exude warmth and cosiness.




Golden autumn

brings warm colours
into your house


Choose a variety of autumn colours such as golden yellow, red, orange or warm brown shades to make your home feel warm and cosy.


Cuddly blankets and throws in warm colours on your couch will invite you to forget the daily stress and simply to relax and chill out.


Decorative cushions in rusty red and golden-beige covers can add great charm to an old, boring, grey sofa!



Slip into something really comfy!


Because you are at home, where you simply want to feel at ease! Cuddly tracksuits and pyjamas will make you feel cosy and comfortable.


Leggings will hug your body softly making any movement of your body easy. Comfy tracksuits are great to be worn at home for relaxing moments. So, put on your favourite clothing and enjoy cuddly and cosy moments in the autumn evening over a cup of warm tea and a great book to read.





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Flowers, leaves and chestnuts – autumn decoration made easy!


Even those who are not keen on decoration enjoy the variety of beautiful decoration possibilities the autumn offers. Colourful leaves, pumpkins, chestnuts…all the materials can be simply found in front of your door!


Combine colourful leaves, chestnuts and small decoration pumpkins with lovely figurines and hanging decoration. What about a little hedgehog figurine in the middle of some colourful leaves? Also decorative tea light holders create a warm and cosy atmosphere for the autumn evening.